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To the wonderful humans who have journeyed to this page, 

It has been a rather unexpected and adventurous time from when I began this path in 1999, to now. I've had the honor of being truly in the moment through the living meditation of bodywork with so many stellar humans on my table over the decades. 

I have a strong background in clinical massage, as well as pillars of eastern modalities, and into more esoteric alchemy of the body, mind, and soul.

I specialize in specific deep tissue work, myofascial and trigger point release, lymphatic, joint mobilization, Lanna Thai style, Tok Sen, Shiatsu acupressure, Balinese style.

I have had the very humbling honor of both teaching and studying my trade in multiple countries.

I have absolutely loved weaving in the element of luxurious facial and skin care, developing complex rituals to nourish and love the bodies we live in.  I expand within the philosophy that strong, healthy cells thrive with a little love and skill, and coaxing the skin to vibrant health is within reach, keeping it real for the every day, for everyone. 

I am enamoured with the rhythm of life this profession has given me. I strive to keep things real, not take life too seriously, be fully in every moment, and navigate this weird and glorious planet with humor, music, connection, and adventure. 

I'm pretty old school, and texting is the optimal way to reach me for scheduling. 

I wish you all deeply fulfilling days,

Sarah Sj Rice


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