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Blue Flowers

crushing souls back into bodies since 1999

All bodywork focused sessions are

completely customized for you, reaching into 25 years of experience and multiple modalities,

with luxurious hot towels, aromatics,

and warming packs for tight muscles.

Every session is bespoke for every body, every time. 

Bodywork session, 90 minutes

Beginning with tuning into your tissues, your cells, your skeletal structure and your fascia. Methods are chosen that will achieve a shift in the body, creating more space, increasing circulation, targeting pain and discomfort according to your goalsu


Bodvwork session, 2 hours


Songbird Treatment

This sought after bodywork session was specifically designed for vocal athletes through working with voice coaches and professional singers. Perfect for before an audition,

or during the run of a show. Begins with compressions for the lower body,

then a thorough back and shoulder massage. Once face up, optional steam is used for gentle inhalation while the neck, jaw, face, and torso are worked to expand range

and nurture exhausted muscle groups used for powerful voice projection..

90 minutes 200

2 hours  250

Percussive Invigorating Balance

Massage with Acupressure Shiatsu and Tok Sen, 90 minutes 


Bodywork  Freestyle 

Tuning into and unraveling everything the body, spirit,

and skin needs. With optional mini facial refresher, 3 hours.


North and South

Session focused on back/neck/shoulders 

and acupressure foot treatment

with scrub for feet and purifying polish for back.

90 minutes


Choice of CBD or CBD+THC massage oils and balms to soothe.  to 


Back scrub added to any bodywork session.


Monday and Wednesday Specials

Service, theater, arts, education industry custom pricing;

available Monday and Wednesday only. 

75 minute songbird session $125

75 minute custom facial $125

75 minute bodywork session $125

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